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Houselights was set up in 2018 to put an end to sexual harassment, assualt and other power abuses in the Entertainment industry. Through delivering workshops to drama schools, theatres and other arts organisations, Houselights are facilitating difficult conversations about power consent and gender imbalance. Our work helps groups develop the skills needed to run strong campaigns, create robust policy, practice being active bystanders and to create solutions that work for everyone.

what we do

We want to see an industry that prioritises safety as a prerequisite to nurturing talent. We will continue this work for as long as it takes to ensure that #TimesUp on sexual harassment in the Entertainment industry.

  • We offer bespoke workshops for drama schools across the UK, helping students to think about consent, power and where to go for support in the industry once they graduate.
  • We offer workshops for staff and faculty members at drama schools, helping to integrate existing policy into practice for the rehearsal room.
  • We work with student unions from drama schools and other small and specialist institutions, helping officers to plan for effective sexual harassment campaigns and supporting work throughout the year.
  • We run a Women in Student Leadership network for women in student leadership positions at drama school. This network meets monthly and provides a space for student leaders to share resources to tackle harassment on campus
  • We are running a pilot of a brand new short-course for members of the industry called our 'Shining A Light Series' to learn about the impact of harassment and to develop skills to be an active bystander in your university, theatre or arts organisation.


By donating to Houselights you’ll be supporting our efforts to make sure that the entertainment industry is a safe place for everyone to work. Up until October 2019, your donation will go straight towards our Shining A Light short course, a series of practical workshops to help people understand the impact of harassment, challenge it when they see it and come up with their own projects to support the cause.

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